Last Updated 2/6/2017 Media Links: Youtube
Ken's Talk Daily Nooner Podcast
Falk Brady
Anti-Zoolander Syndrome Link
Take a Deep Breath (20 mins) Link
Great SNL and 60 Mins of Trump (6 mins) Link
Rob May Tell You the Future (18 mins) Link
Trump Social (18 mins) Link
Dump Trump Monday Link
Artificial Intelligence Run Amuck
Mon 10/24 - 11 Mins of Excel Michele Talk Link
Tem Plate Sr.
Wed 10/19 -8 Mins - Quick Nooner only 7 hours late Link
South Park
Sunday Oct 16th - 25 Mins, first time in a few months Link
Human Genome Sprapp
HGS Episode #5 - Mr Excel's Mysterious Genome Link
Human Genome Analysis in Excel Link
Human Genome Sprapp (HGS) - Episode #2 2/4/13 Link
Human Genome Sprapp (HGS) Episode #3 - Scratching the Surface Link
Human Genome Sprapp (HGS) Episode #4 "Searching for Genes" Link
Payroll and other Accounting Sprapps in Excel
2013 Payroll in Excel: Calculate Federal Withholding Using IF Formula Link
2014 Payroll in Excel - BiWeekly Version with Pivot Slicers Link
Michigan Payroll Link
Payroll 2011 - Weekly Version Link
Payroll 2011 Sprapp in Excel Link
Payroll 2015 in Excel - Federal Income Tax Rates Link
Payroll in Excel - Sprapps by Ken's Talk Link
Payroll in Excel 2013 Link
Weekly Payroll 2015 in Excel - Fedex Route Owners Version Link
Weekly Payroll in Excel 2013 - Ohio Link
Account Payable Excel Sprapp Link
Top 100 Podcasts Sprapp
Top 100 Podcasts 2/8/15 Link
Top 100 Podcasts 2015-1-25 Link
Top 100 Podcasts 2015-1-27 Link
Top 100 Podcasts January 23rd 2015 Link
Top 100 Podcasts on iTunes 1/11/15 Link
Top 100 podcasts review Jan 13th, 2015 Link
Top 100 Podcasts Review Jan 14th, 2015 Link
Top 100 Podcasts with Ken's Talk 1/17 Link
Top 100 Pods-1/28/15 NTC is Manoushing up the chart Link
Coloring Duplicates in Excel Link
Conditional Formatting Rules Tutorial for Aaron Link
Excel -IF- Function - Start from Nothing Link
Excel Test by Kenstalk Link
I fell in love with a Woman and her name is Pivot Table Link
Pivot Slices in Excel 2013 - Payroll Sprapp Link
Squirt Hockey Players learn about Offsides Link
Hockey (Men's League and more)
Team Schlitz at Mt Vernon Mens A Ice Hockey
Team Sclhitz Videos