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Excel Genome HGS Episode #5 - Mr Excel's Mysterious Genome HD
Human Genome Analysis in Excel HD
Human Genome Sprapp (HGS) - Episode #2 2/4/13 HD
Human Genome Sprapp (HGS) Episode #3 - Scratching the SurfaceHD
Human Genome Sprapp (HGS) Episode #4 "Searching for Genes" HD
Instructional 2013 Payroll in Excel: Calculate Federal Withholding Using IF Formula
Account Payable Excel Sprapp HD
Bank Transfer Day Sprapp HD
Coloring Duplicates in Excel
Excel -IF- Function - Start from Nothing HD
Excel Test by Kenstalk
Payroll 2015 in Excel - Federal Income Tax Rates
Pivot Slices in Excel 2013 - Payroll Sprapp HD
March Madness 2012 How to Run a March Madness Bracket in Excel HD
2012 March Madness Bracket - Best Ever! HD
2013 Ken's Talk Spring Irish Madness Bracket in Excel HD
2015 March Madness Bracket in Excel
2015 Master Bracket Tutorial - How to Run a March Madness Bracket in Excel
Bracket Scoring Quality Assurance in Excel HD
Bracket Sprapp Update 3.26.12 HD
Bracket Standings Pivot Tables (Round 1 Update)
Don't Waste Time Scoring March Madness Brackets! HD
Fibonacci March Madness Bracket Update 3/25/13 HD
FInal 4 Bracket Scoring Scenarios HD
How to run a March Madness Bracket in Excel
Ken's Talk Spring Irish Madness Update 3/22/13 HD
March Madness Bracket made easy in Excel
Who's Bracket was best in 2013? HD
NFL 2012 NFL Survivor Pool Sprapp HD
2014 NFL Survivor Pool Sprapp
2014 NFL Survivor Pool Week 7 Predictions
2014 NFL Week 7 Excel Picks Algorithm
Making the best NFL Survivor Pool picks in Excel
NFL Survivor Pool in Excel HD
NFL Survivor Pool Sprapp Week 8 Picks
NHL 2012 NHL Bracket Sprapp is Here! HD
NHL Playoff Bracket Update 4.22.12 HD
NHL Playoffs 2011 Bracket in Excel
NHL Playoffs for Dirty Frenchmen HD
Superb squares
Other Touching Microsoft Video in Action (Tyson's Corner VA) HD
Payroll 2014 Payroll in Excel - BiWeekly Version with Pivot Slicers
Payroll 2011 - Weekly Version HD
Payroll 2011 Sprapp in Excel HD
Payroll in Excel 2013 HD
Politics Excess Earnings Tax 50-50 HD
The 4 Bernies of Financial Reform
Top 100 Podcasts Top 100 Podcasts 2/8/15
Top 100 Podcasts 2015-1-25
Top 100 Podcasts 2015-1-27
Top 100 Podcasts January 23rd 2015
Top 100 Podcasts on iTunes 1/11/15
Top 100 podcasts review Jan 13th, 2015
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Top 100 Pods-1/28/15 NTC is Manoushing up the chart
Hockey Ducks Dagley Dangels at Fairfax Ice Arena 4.19
Double Header Ducks vs Intercoastal Highlights
Ducks by 2 over Intercoastal Mortgage
Ducks by 3 over the Predators
Ducks hold off Predators at Fairfax
Ducks Jacked by a duece
Ducks Lose in a Shootout to Englewood 5-4
Ducks over Englewood Jacks in OT
Ducks Pounded by Intercoastal Mortgage
Ducks put 9 on Englewood
Ducks Shake up InterCoastal after the earthquake
Ducks showing strength at Fairfax
Ducks squeeze by InterCoastal 4-3
Ducks Top InterCoastal Happy Birthday Braverman
Ducks vs InterCoastal and Ennglewood Highlights
Ducks Win 4-3 Over InterCoatal Mortgage - Game Audio
Ducks win by widest margin of the season
Ducks Winning Moments
Englewood smokes the Ducks 6-1
Hosers Drown the Duck in OT Shootout
InterCoastal Goes Postal on the Ducks
InterCoastal Puts up a Baker's Dozen on the Ducks
Predators unable to hunt down the Ducks
Ers "Ers" Close out 2012 with 7 Straight Wins at Fairfax Ice HD
"Ers" Comeback to Edge Englewood Jacks 11/23 Fairfax Men's AHD
Ers Drop a Close One to Englewood Jack HD
Ers over the Kinghts at Fairfax 5-4 HD
ERS Shutout Russian Knights at Fairfax 1/22/13 HD
Ers Take Season Finale vs Jacks at Fairfax HD
InterCoastal gets Pounded Late Night at Fairfax HD
The Russians Dominate USA "Ers" 5-0 at Fairfax HD
Goons Goons continue to streaking wins over Bruins 5 3
Goons take Ducks in OT
Highlight Cooler Heads don't prevail in the playoffs at Mt Vernon HD
Late insurance goal from D hashmarks by Gibby JrJr
Poms leading back Schlitz down 5-1
Stinky Tripping on K-Mac
Two to Chappy All-STars HD
Why it's good to keep your head up HD
Highlights 10 players 11 goals vs Le Pue
7 Guys a Goalie love the 3rd Period
Badgers Lock Up the Rebel Jacks 4-3
Big Win for the Goons over Bruins 5-4
Bruins edge Goons 5-3
Bruins go down in OT
Bruins post another win against the Goons 8-3
Bruins put 11 up on shorthanded Goons at Fairfax Ice
Glaciers KnockOff Schlitz Perfect Summer Season
Goons 4 -2 over Nortec
Goons put up another win over Nortec
Goons top Leafs 7-4 at Fairfax Ice
Miller Light on Goals vs Schlitz Wed May 8th
Schlitz and Yeti Duel with Little Defense 5/22/13
Schlitz Double Header vs Miller and Glaciers
USA 4 Russia 3 at Fairfax Ice
Yeti Drop one to Schlitz 5-4
Yeti go Down 6 3
Kettler Caps practice after Flyers win in Shootout
Caps Sens Preview
How many Caps Snipers can you name?
Squirt Hockey Players learn about Offsides
Mt Vernon Could Yeti Angry Enough to Beat Bruins?
Fighting Finish for Senators vs Yeti Wed Night at Mt Vernon HD
Hot Karl Evaporates Late Glacier Heroics
Predators Group Miller in the Loss Column
NOVA Nova vs Benders July 20th 2010
NOVA vs Benders June 8th 2010 at Ashburn Ice
NOVA vs Benders Part 2 June 8th 2010
Nova vs Canucks 8/19/10
NOVA vs Canucks Ashburn Ice House May 27th 2010 Part 1
NOVA vs Canucks Part 2 Asburn Mens A Ice
NOVA vs DLT Solutions 8.26.10 Ashburn Ice
NOVA vs DLT Solutions Final Part 3
NOVA vs DLT Solutions Part 1
NOVA vs DLT Solutions Part 2
Other Blue Crabs vs Black Skimmers Shootout Jan 9th 2011
Failure Looks Like
Ken's Talk likes Fairfax Ice Arena
Pickup Ashburn Ice House Friday Night Pickup 4.23.10
Ashburn Pickup Ice 8:15pm Sat July 17th, 2010
Ashburn Pickup Ice Hockey Friday April 2nd 2010
Ashburn Pickup Saturday Night 10::30
Ashburn Sat Night Pickup 5.15.10 10pm
Friday night Kettler Pickup Ice Hockey 3.18
Friday Night Pickup at Kettler 4 22
Goalie Wars at Mt Vernon
Kettler Capitals Iceplex Pickup 3.24.10 9:30pm
Mt Vernon Friday Lunchtime Pickup June 4th 2010
Mt Vernon Lunchtime Pickup 4.7.10.wmv
Mt Vernon Pickup Hockey May 12th, 2010
Mt Vernon Pickup Ice Hockey Fri June 11th
MtVernonThursdayNight Pickup.wmv
Pickup Hockey Ashburn March 26th 2010
Pickup Hockey at Ashburn Ice talking Washington Caps
Pickup Hockey at Kettler 5.13.10.wmv
Pickup Hockey at Kettler May 9th 2010
Pickup Hockey at Mt Vernon 5.21.10 11:30am
Pickup Hockey at Skatequest Reston March 1st, 2011
Pickup Hockey Highlights 6.20.09
Pickup Hockey Mt Vernon 5.23.10
Pickup Ice Hockey at Ashburn Ice - Lunchtime May 20th, 2011
Sunday Night Pickup at Kettler
Texas Dan Tribute Game at Kettler
Thurs Night Pickup Feb 4th 2010 Mt Vernon Rec Center.wmv
Thursday Night Pickup at Mt Vernon Jan 7th, 2010.wmv
Thursday Night PIckup Feb 25th, 2010 Mt Vernon Rec Center.wmv
Thursday Night Pickup Jan 14th 2010 Mt Vernon Rec Center.wmv
Thursday Night Pickup Jan 21st 2010 Mount Vernon Rec Center.wmv
Schlitz 16 Goal Bonzanza vs Bruins in Mt Vernon Season Opener
23 Goal Explosion Late Night at Mt Vernon HD
8 is not enough against the Sens
Bruins - "8 is enough" vs Team Schlitz
Bruins 10-1 over Schlitzed Faced
Bruins Barely Hold Off Team Schlitz Game Audio
Bruins Double Up Team Schlitz
Bruins edged out by Schlitz 7-6 HD
Bruins fall to team Schlitz (for real this time)
Bruins Hold Off Schlitz 3-2
Bruins Kick in a Loss Late Against Schlitz
Bruins Leave a Mark on Schlitz
Bruins Playoffs Summer vs Team Schlitz-Faced
Bruins Schlitz with Pommentary
Bruins Shutout 4-0 at Mt Vernon
Bruins Sneak by Schlitz in a Precursor to the Playoffs
Bruins Stay Undefeated Through 5 at Mt Vernon HD
Bruins top Schlitz by a touchdown
Bruins top Schlitz in a crazy game
Bruins Undefeated Streak Slashed by 15 Schlitz Goals HD
Capitals Explode for 11 vs Schtlitz
Capitals over Schlitz 5-4
Capitals Win vs Tampa Bay but their Employees Lose 5-3 to Schlitz
Caps Employees vs Schlitzed Faced 10.6.10
Caps make it 12 in a row vs Team Schlitz
Caps Snub Schlitz 3-2 at Mt Vernon
Coral Hockey Schlitz over Yeti
Double Digits Against "The Stink"
Double Digits on Le Pue
First Win of the Year for the Stink at Mt Vernon HD
Gibby Returns to Vaporize Glaciers
Glaciers By a Touchdown over Schlitz to close out Winter at Mt VernonHD
Glaciers Fall 7-4 to Team Schlitz
Glaciers fall 9 6 to Powerhouse Schlitz
Glaciers Freeze Schlitz Offense 4-3
Glaciers freeze Schlitz win streak at 2
Glaciers go Doyle Brunson on Schlitz
Glaciers Over Schlitz in a Shootout
Glaciers Slide Over Schlitz 9-4
Glaciers Spoil Schlitz 8 Game Win Streak
Glaciers Top Schlitz by 3 at Mt Vernon
Glaciers vs Schlitz Faced Oct 20th 2010
Heartless Yeti Doubled over by Schlitz
How to fight off a Yeti
It's a Repeat for Team Schlitz at Mt Vernon
Le Peau Beat Down - Schlitz Undefeated
Le Peau Doesn't Stink as bad as usual
Le Peau over Schlitz by a few
Le Peau Schilacking Oct 27th, 2010
Le Peau stinks all over Schlitz
Le Peau under control
Mayhem vs Le Peau at Mt Vernon
Miller Preferred Over Schlitz 8-5
Misfits Lose OT Shootout to Honey Badgers
More Double Digit Madness for Schlitz and Glaciers HD
Mt Vernon Championship Men's A Ice hockey - Video and Game Audio
Mt Vernon Mens A Playoff Preview - Schlitz and Badgers
Mt Vernon Mens Hockey Schlitzed Faced over le Peau
Mt Vernon Overtime Classic - Schlitz vs Senators
Mt Vernon Playoffs - Capitals get romped 8-3
Mt Vernon Playoffs - Schlitz over Capitals 8-3
Mt Vernon Summer Championships: 10-4 Schlitz Over Senators Out
One of a dozen vs "The Stink" at Mt Vernon
OT Battle to Start Summer Mt Vernon Men's A vs Bruins
Rumble vs the Senators Late Monday Night
Schlitz 400% better than the Bruins
Schlitz and Senators Tie 3 3
Schlitz Championship Video Unearthed
Schlitz Comeback Knocks Off Le Pue in OT 5-4
Schlitz Comeback to Trick Over Bruins
Schlitz Creeps out of the Cellar vs Le Peau HD
Schlitz Drowns Miller Group 5-3